Business ideas

One in four French people wants to create their own box, according to a survey by the Think Institute dating from January 2015. With 550,000 companies created last year, not all of them have taken action. Several reasons can explain this reluctance, starting simply by the absence of an idea. Because wanting to become a boss does not mean having a well-defined project and concept in mind.

Agent: a real estate agent without an agency

In recent years, real estate agencies have to contend with a new form of competition in addition to the already significant one of private individuals: agents. These independent agents multiply themselves by organizing themselves, most of the time, in networks like Maxihome, CapiFrance or even OptimHome.
If their business is similar to that of a traditional real estate agent, they have two strong advantages: the absence of a physical agency – therefore fixed costs – and a 100% Internet presence. Result: becoming a real estate agent requires little initial investment, the first signs being accessible from 5,000 euros.
Real estate sector
Personal contribution: from 5 000 €

Football in bubbles: a serious concept

Bubble Bump was created in 2014 in France.

For aspiring sporty sports entrepreneurs, an activity accessible to less than 10 000 euros begins slowly but surely cardboard in France: the “Bubble Football”. Crazy but effective, this hobby inspired by a Norwegian practice of playing football from inside a bubble has made its appearance in France in 2014 and teaches Bubble Bump swarm from an impressive number of outlets, to blow off an opening every week.
Organized into a franchise, the network should quickly reach 100 units, but is still looking for candidates in some cities. The concept requires no premises, only the purchase of equipment and the payment of entrance fees and royalties.
Sector: leisure
Average personal contribution: 10,000 €

Babysitting, always a bright future

France is an important market for the sector.

With a high and almost constant birth rate for 40 years, France is a promising market for childcare professionals. Whether at home or in nursery, the demand remains at the rendezvous, supported by a tax credit for children under six years guarded by a licensed childminder or a specialized host institution.
The franchise networks in the field such as Family Sphere, Kangouroux Kids, and Babychou, are each year more numerous, and generally, require a minimum personal contribution of 15,000 euros. But other networks are available from 10,000 euros, such as Free Dom and La Compagnie des Familles.
Sector: childhood
Personal contribution: from 10 000 €

Car sales agencies between individuals booming

The French, followers of used cars.

Reached by an exploding second-hand market – 5.4 million vehicles in 2014 – passenger car sales are booming. So much so that franchise networks have specialized in linking buyers and sellers.
Among the pioneers, the Agence Automobilière, whose concept approaches that of a real estate network transposed to the automotive market, allows franchisees to start their business from 10,000 euros contribution. No need to acquire vehicles to resell, franchisees are paid on transactions … Without having to draw heavily in their cash.
Automotive industry
Personal contribution: from 10 000 €

The food truck, a little greedy restaurant

The French take a liking to “street-food”.

Since the success of the Truck that smokes, those who caressed the dream of opening a restaurant without investing tens of thousands of euros are hopeful. Food trucks, these truck-restaurants offering simple sandwiches to the most elaborate dishes, are in fact few applicants for capital. All inclusive, so before recourse to bank financing, a viable project starts at 40,000 euros.
Attention, however: the real challenge of opening a food truck lies in the search for an attractive location and obtaining the necessary approvals. In Paris, for example, there are three times more requests than places available!
Sector: fast food
Average personal contribution: from 10 000 €

Credit Broker: A job that takes the lead

Today regulated, the activity is growing strongly

Negotiating your mortgage loan is no longer exceptional: more and more individuals are using it by offering the services of a broker. Over the last ten years, this activity has made its mark in the sector, and today represent more than a quarter of the mortgage market.
A boon for entrepreneurs embarking on this field, where initial investments are small. Some franchise networks require less than 10,000 euros, such as In & Fi Credits, PresseTaux and
Sector: Credit Brokerage
Personal contribution: from 5 000 €

Become slimming specialist at light prices

The slimming market weighs several billion.

Coach, food rebalancing expert, slimming center manager … The solutions to undertake in the slimming market are multiple. And inexpensive. To open an aquabiking space, for example, the Aquavélo network estimates that 10 000 euros of supply are enough to start with its sign. Institutes specializing in slimming techniques such as CelluChic and LipoPerfect are available from 6,000 euros.
But it is especially the centers on horseback between medical follow-up and slimming which cardboard. Alongside the famous Naturhouse and Dietplus, some franchises allow starting at low cost, like The Clinic of thinness.
Sector: slimming
Personal contribution: from 6 000 €

Conciergeries make resistance

Two networks under 10 000 euros are developing in this niche.

Need to put clothes in the laundry? To find a last minute nanny? Or post an important package? Local services – or conciergeries – continue to flourish in France. Despite the arrival of big pure American players who have made this market their spearhead, like GoButler or HelloAlfred, traditional networks continue their development. For professionals or individuals, they are called The Minut’Rit or Familife and can start with a contribution of less than 10 000 euros. Their asset to subsist in the face of digital competition: create a link with customers.
Sector: Services
Personal contribution: from 5 000 €

Mobile car wash: a carbide business

The activity requires little initial investment.

The service is of quality while limiting the costs: washing without water makes it possible to clean a vehicle anywhere – at the customer’s home or at his place of work for example – thus saving the cost of installation and maintenance a washing portico. Several franchise networks have embarked on this niche and propose to start a business from 4,000 euros, such as Cosmeticar and Detail Car.
Other brands, which have been on the market for a long time, go even further: Ecowash Mobile, for example, offers in addition to washing a complete check-up of the car. An additional service can be expensive and quickly amortized, ensures the network.
Sector: car wash
Personal contribution: from 4 000 €

TPE advice: a huge target

Several million entities are concerned.

2.1 million very small companies exist in France with, at their head, bosses often very invested in their company … and sailing on sight. Taken in the daily constraints, these entities sometimes encounter difficulties that would be easily solved in a different context, or with the opinion of an external person.
On the basis of this, several independent consultants have launched, their number tripling in ten years. Franchise networks, also: Expert Activ, Enjoy your Business, MBI Development or RBMG are accessible from 3,000 euros.
Sector: Business Services
Personal contribution: from 3 000 €

The itinerant sale of kitchens, an indite initiative

A “truck” to sell equipped kitchens.

While opening an equipped kitchen store requires mobilizing an initial contribution of 60,000 euros minimum, a franchise network has just been created: Kitchens Venidom. The concept: a truck acting as a showcase and allowing the entrepreneur-craftsman to go to his clients’ home. The advantage: practicing similar prices in points of sale while not assuming the same fixed costs. Result, a contribution of 10 000 euros is enough to start.
The brand is recruiting its first franchisees in southwestern France, but hopes to quickly deploy nationwide.
Sector: habitat
Average personal contribution: 10,000 €

IT support, a market for individuals and businesses

The activity can also be broken down into several branches.

With the emergence of digital emergent new needs increasingly pregnant. Among them, computer troubleshooting. For entrepreneurial candidates with the required technical knowledge and skills, a large market opens up to them, composed of both individuals preferring to save their equipment rather than investing in new ones, and companies with more complex issues. .
The Airria banner, accessible from € 10,000, is specialized in the installation and maintenance of IT systems for small businesses and SMEs. Yakoon LLC, meanwhile, requires a contribution of 5,000 euros and focuses on cleaning and backup.
Sector: IT
Personal contribution: from 5 000 €

Isolation of the habitat: a craft in the air of the time

13 Isolation of housing a craft in the air of time

Whether it is to save energy or to benefit from fiscal aids linked to the energy transition towards an “eco-habitat”, the housing insulation and renovation market has a bright future ahead of it. Moreover, the specialized signs in these fields are multiple, and offer a solid concept for any craftsman or entrepreneur not knowing where to start.
Among the networks accessible to less than 10,000 euros, there are for example Casa Bio, Eco Works or Isorenov.
Sector: works
Personal contribution: from 5 000 €

Wine advice a business

When passion and business meet.

Because wine is a complex and gourmet product, its purchase sometimes requires the advice of an expert. This is true for individuals, some of whom transform their personal cellars into a real heritage asset, but also for professionals such as hotels and restaurants.
The Winetailors franchise network has specialized in this market. Accessible from 6,000 euros, this brand provides its affiliates with specific sales techniques, based on a range of 500 references, and dedicated equipment. If you have a solid address book and the required knowledge, you can also try the adventure independently.
Sector: specialized advice
Personal contribution: from 6 000 €

Human services: opportunities at a lower cost

Home help activities are particularly accessible.

If the sector of the services to the person accuses the blow after several years of growth, some domains remain attractive … and accessible from 10 000 euros of personal contribution. In particular, DIY services and home gardening. The networks Sos DIY, Papa Bricole and Art’Home Services evolve in particular in this niche and require from 2,000 to 5,000 euros to start.
Housekeeping benefits are also attractive. The sign Shiva, for example, claims 10,000 euros. For the same amount, the multi-specialist Center Services offers entrepreneurs settling in rural areas a less expensive version than its classic concept.
Sector: Human Services
Personal contribution: from 2 000 €