Finding it difficult to wake up in the morning? You are not alone!

We’ve all been there: snoozing on repeat as we attempt to pry our eyes open, rolling ourselves up into our warm, comforting blanket as we dread the oh-so long commute out of bed into the bathroom.

Morning person or not – here are 5 quick and easy ways to give you that extra (much-needed) boost of energy in the AM.


There is absolutely NO ONE who enjoys hearing that horrid doomsday sound going off first thing in the morning – perfectly timed to interrupt your peaceful dreams.

Switch it up! Say good-bye to the atrocious preset alarm sounds on your phone, and say hello to your favourite tunes. Maybe that means hardcore gangster rap for some of you, or some warm-hearted country – whatever puts you in the best mood.

My personal favourite: songs that are motivating, inspiring, make me want to kick-ass, and  of course – dance while doing it! (Classic 80’s “Walkin’ on Sunshine” or Kanye’s “Good Life”, anyone?)

Who said waking up can’t be fun?


Yea, yea, yea. Be positive. Give thanks. All that jazz. I know exactly what you’re thinking. Great, not another article telling me to be grateful.

But before you head on over to the next tip – give this one a shot. Believe it or not, your mindset can make or break the start to your day.

It’s easy to turn gears to “the dark side” early in the morning. We’re tired, we feel miserable, the last thing we want to do is be all peppy and “make the most out of it”!

Well it’s time to stop raining on your own parade. Just take a moment to think about what you’re lucky to have. Maybe it’s your comfortable bed, maybe it’s the job your waking up for, maybe it’s that hottie sleeping right next to you. Whatever it is – appreciate it, don’t take it for granted, and let that remind you of why you’re fortunate to wake up this morning.

From the words of Ice Cube, “Today‘s was gonna be a good day”.


What inspires you? Is it food? Is it fitness? Is it weird but funny memes that no one else seems to find humourous?

Whatever it may be, give yourself at least ten minutes in the morning to inspire yourself.

Whether that mean scrolling quickly through a high-fashion Instagram account, or spending 10 minutes watching tutorials on DIY life-hacks – dedicate time in the morning to ignite your passion and set your soul on fire!

The best part? You can do this while you’re still in bed!


Once you’re filled with positive vibes, look around. Are you still in bed? If so, it’s time to GET UP and get into the kitchen!

You’ve fueled your mind, now it’s time to fuel your body. Treat yourself with a nutritious, healthy, and filling breakfast to jump-start your day.

Perhaps you’re not a big “morning-eater-person” right now. BUT, there’s no doubt that after a few good morning hearty meals, you’ll be converted in no time.

Large, clean breakfasts are a must. Skip the fast-food hash brown and the all-coffee diet. Onto the bigger and better!

Give your body what it deserves.


Now, after all is said and done – what’s the worst way to start your day?

That’s right, being LATE.

Rushing to get ready on time, forgetting your lunch, running out the door to make it at the brink of time. Sound familiar?

Believe it or not – all of this can be avoided with some simple prep the night before.

It’s easier than you think. To avoid the morning chaos, take time with the little things. Choose your outfit the night before. Make your lunch before going to bed. Have your bag packed, your to-do list good to go, and perhaps an idea of what you’ll be making for breakfast.

The result? A nice, peaceful morning. Mo’ mayhem, mo’ problems, right?

There you have it! 5 easy steps to make your daily rise just as good as sleeping in.

…Well, almost as good.