Sunday Funday: The last bit of the glorious weekend until Monday comes along and sucks all the living energy out of you. Okay – maybe Mondays aren’t that bad (although we won’t disagree if you think so), but a well spent Sunday can actually give you a little more energy to power through the week.

How so, you ask? Lazy Sundays are for sure a thing, but making the last day of your weekend just a bit more product goes a long way. Fruitful planning and well-thought-out preparation can help you transform the start of your week. Keep reading to find out how you can make the most out of your Sundays and take back the week.


Step one to getting a full and productive day in? Be up and out of bed by 9:00am at the latest. Don’t cut your weekend short by sleeping in ’till noon and writing off your entire morning. Get up and go – you’ll thank yourself later.

Bonus: Getting up early means your body won’t let you stay up all night, binge-watching Scandal. Instead, you’ll fall asleep sooner Sunday night, which will make your dread Monday morning wake-up just a little bit easier.


There’s nothing quite like a Sunday detox. Rid your body of all toxins and junk consumed over the weekend and sweat it out. You’ll feel fresh, energized, and back on the health track in no time. Whether it’s a hot yoga class, some good old HIIT, or a 5k run – have fun with it. Throw on those Nike’s and burn, baby burn.


They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A little organization goes a long way – and that includes pre-planning. See what you’ve got ahead of you for the week: appointments, dinner with friends, important work meetings, etc. Then, plan when you’ll fit in time for the must do’s and your goals: time with family, the gym, healthy eating, and so on. Now we’re not saying to plan every minute of your upcoming week (because flexibility and ability to adapt to a sudden change in your routine is important) – but attempt to create some structure and organization on what all needs to be done, and how you’re going to do it.

On a side note, speaking of healthy eating: planning what you eat is a key factor to keep you going with a healthy diet, which brings us to our next point…


The best way to save time, money, and maintain a healthy diet? Meal prep. On Sundays, take 2-3 hours out of your day to plan your meals. Go grocery shopping, start cooking, and prepare your meals at least until Wednesday evening (you can go until Friday if you’re up for it). You’ll be surprised with just how much time and money you’ll save when you have your meals pre-made.

So after a long day at the office on Tuesday, when you sure don’t want to come home and get straight to cooking, your Sunday meal prep will save the day. Open your fridge and there you go: food, at last!


Sunday is still your weekend, so don’t forget to treat yourself. Have some “you time” and chill out. You’ve been super productive all day, so it’s important to reward yourself by literally doing sh*t all for a bit. Put on a face mask, watch a movie, and turn your mind off. In whatever way you prefer to kick-back, you do you girl. You deserve it.

Happy Sunday! 🙂